Best Nyonya Food KL

Look up Sarang Cookery to find the Best Nyonya Food KL located at Bukit Bintang and satisfy your cravings for Nyonya Food.

Sarang Cookery not only provides authentic Nyonya food dishes but is also keeping the elements that make up the Peranakan houses alive at its restaurant.  Beautifully decor with wooden windowpanes, beautiful arty pottery, oil lamps, and batik tablecloth to best reflect old Peranakan houses, Sarang Cookery pays attention to every small to give a deep Nyonya feel.  Feel the taste of condiments and spices, creamy, fragrant curries and the sweet of gula Melaka desserts.

At least once in your life, you must feel the taste of authentic Nyonya food that comes from the perfect ingredients and fresh materials. And for sure you will keep coming back for more Nyonya food at Sarang Cookery.

Best Nyonya food KL-Sambal Serai Prawn
Best Nyonya food KL-Daging Kicap
Best Nyonya food KL-cendol

Delicious Taste of Our Signature Dishes

Our most popular dishes are Ayam Pongteh, Ayam Sioh, Ayam Kapitan and our best dessert cendol and sago gula Melaka. Taste the enjoyment of our best menu Ayam Pongteh. Melaka Peranakan chicken dish cooked with potatoes and flavoured tau chew and gula Melaka to give it the taste of sweet Nyonya dishes.  Also, do not forget to order Ayam Sioh, that is non-spicy Peranakan chicken stew dish cooked with tamarind juice.

Best Nyonya Food KL

Nyonya Peranakan and Traditional Malay food - signature dish nasi ulam

Nyonya Peranakan and Traditional Malay Food – Signature Dish Nasi Ulam

Our restaurant serves only the best Nyonya food which has no preservatives. Live in a healthy way, and of course, the delicious taste is getting better when you cooked from the heart. With a reasonable price, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our best menu, here at Sarang Cookery.  Other than that, we also have our signature dishes Nasi Ulam which can be eaten together with others signature menu Asam Heh or Sambal Serai Prawns, which is great for sharing.

Preparing the uniquely delicious best Nyonya food KL dishes of fresh local herbs, spices and ingredients bringing at best for our new and repeating customers. For tourist and expats out there, you can’t make it through Malaysia without giving Nyonya food a go. Here’s the best of the best. #NyonyaFood.  Stop in today and check us out!

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