Best Nyonya Food Team Building Luncheon

Look up Sarang Cookery to find the Best Nyonya Food KL located at Bukit Bintang and satisfy your cravings for Nyonya Food.

Sarang Cookery not only provides authentic Nyonya food dishes but is also keeping the elements that make up the Peranakan houses alive at its restaurant.  Beautiful decor with wooden windowpanes, beautiful arty pottery, oil lamps, and batik tablecloth to best reflect old Peranakan houses.  Get your best Nyonya food team building luncheon at Sarang Cookery.

Sarang Cookery pays attention to every small item to give a deep Nyonya feel.  Feel the taste of condiments and spices, creamy, fragrant curries and the sweet of gula Melaka desserts.  Learn how to prepare these dishes with our unique cooking classes.  These double up too as team building activities and events.

Best Nyonya food KL-Sambal Serai Prawn
Best Nyonya food KL-Daging Kicap
Best Nyonya food KL-cendol


Best Team Building Luncheons in KL

Team Luncheon and Team building

Team Luncheon and Team building

Team Luncheon and Team Building

Team Luncheon and Team Building


Sarang Cookery has been preparing the uniquely delicious and best Nyonya food in KL from fresh local herbs, spices and ingredients.

Get your team event space, a unique Malaysian Traditional Cooking Classes team building activity and a fabulous luncheon.  All under one roof in the rare heritage enclave in KL.

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