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Nasi Ulam - Nyonya Peranakan and Malay Traditional Food Menu
Lobak - Nyonya Peranakan and Malay Traditional Food Menu
Ayam Kicap - Nyonya Peranakan and Malay Traditional Food Menu
Cendol - Nyonya Peranakan and Malay Traditional Food Menu

Spring Rolls(3 pcs)

RM 6.00

Filled with minced chicken & vegetables

Pie Tee (4 hats)

RM 12.00

Savoury crispy thin fried “shell” filled with minced chicken & prawn

Chicken Wings(3 pcs)

RM 14.00

Marinated wings with our special sauce

Deep Fried Turmeric Squid

RM 18.00

Coated with thin layer of flour turmeric, it is soft in the inside & crispy on the outside


RM 12.00

Deep fried chicken meat roll marinated with five spices, wrapped with beancurd sheet comes with fried tofu


RM 38.00

For sharing, good for up to 4 person consisting of Spring Rolls, Lobak, Chicken Wings, Pie Tee & Tofu


Nasi Ulam

RM 12.50 per serving

(min 2 servings)

A very fragrant rice salad: mixed with 15 local herbs & vegetables topped with dried fish and prawns

Nasi Goreng Kerabu

RM 8.50

Fried rice with local herbs & vegetables, toasted grated coconut, and prawns

Nasi Goreng Belacan

RM 8.50

Fried rice with spicy shrimp paste

Nasi Goreng Kampung

RM 8.50

Fried rice with anchovies & kangkung

Nasi Goreng Petai

RM 8.50

Fried rice with bitter beans

Nasi Goreng Pattaya

RM 11.50

Fried rice wrapped in fried egg

Pineapple Fried Rice

RM 11.50

Fried rice with pineapples, cashew nuts, prawns, and raisins

Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit

RM 15.00

Fried rice with side helping with turmeric fried chicken

Nasi Goreng Tom Yam

RM 12.50

Spicy, sour and sweet with the tomyam flavor adopted from our Thai counterpart

Nasi Goreng USA

RM 15.00

Fried rice topped with an eggs

Nasi Goreng Paprik

RM 15.00

Fried rice with side helping of chicken and vegetables stir fried in dark sauce

White Rice

RM 2.00 per bowl
Roti Jala

Net Pancake served with

Dalcha (lentil curry)

RM 8.50

Curry Chicken

RM 12.50


RM 8.50

Rice cake served with light vegetable curry & peanut sauce & anchovies

Mee Siam

RM 8.50

As the name suggests, it is rice vermicelli dish adapted from the Thai. It served with flavours of sweet & lightly sour

Mee Bandung

RM 12.50

It is a traditional noodle dish originating from Muar, Johor Bharu. It consists of noodles in a broth with strong turmeric flavour, vegetable, egg, chicken & prawn

Assam Laksa

RM 10.50

Noodles in tangy fish broth topped with strips of cucumber, onions & pineapple

Soto Ayam

RM 10.50

Chicken soup served with either rice cake or noodles, eggs & vegetables

Mee Goreng Mamak

RM 8.50

Mamak is the term for Indian who are Muslim, who have originated this style of frying the yellow noodle, served with prawns, eggs, potatoes and topped with ground nuts

Nyonya Laksa

RM 18.00

this is the dish to order for those who loves bowl of noodles that has coconut milk infused with an abundant of spices and herbs tantalizing table

Kuey Teow Kungfu

RM 10.50

Cantonese style noodles that are served in a thick broth

Tom Yam Mee Hoon

RM 12.50

Spicy, sour and sweet flavor found in this Thai cuisine which  the Malay have nas adopted the be their


Mutton Rendang

RM 30.00

The quintessential Malay dish that is found almost always in all the Malay celebrations be it the New Year, weddings, or thanksgivings

Daging Masak Kicap

RM 25.00

Beef cooked in dark sauce flavor is a little sweet and peppery

Daging Masak Merah

RM 25.00

Sweet and spicy beef cooked with tender ready to eat


Ayam Pongteh *

Ala Carte RM 16.50

Melaka Peranakan chicken dish cooked with potatoes, flavoured with tau chew(fermented soybean paste) and gula Melaka(palm sugar)

Ayam Kapitan *

Ala Carte RM 16.50

Kapitan is a title that the Portuguese gave to the head of Chinese clans in Melaka during the 15th century. This is a significant Peranakan chicken dish that is a fusion of the Indian & Malay curries

Ayam Rendang *

Ala Carte RM 16.50

Malay chicken dish which originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group in Indonesia. It is rich in spices & slow cooked with coconut milk

Ayam Sioh*

Ala Carte RM 16.50

Non-spicy Peranakan chicken stew dish cooked with tamarind juice

Ayam Sambal *

Ala Carte RM 16.50

Mildly spicy chicken dish wish uses shrimp paste as a key ingredient

Ayam Buah Keluak

RM 30.00

The quintessential Peranakan dish. We require a day’s pre-order for this

* Set (Individual) RM 11.50 served with vegetables

Fish Curry **

Price from RM 22 – RM 65 depending on fish used

A typical Malaysian rice India for a curry with creamy on the thumb.

Fish Head Curry

Price from RM 22 – RM 65 depending on fish used

A typical Indian fish curry

Assam Pedas Fish **

Price from RM 22 – RM 65 depending on fish used

This is a sour & spicy dish that is a Malaysian classic

Sambal Fish **

Price from RM 22 – RM 65 depending on fish used

Fried fish that is coated with spicy chilli sauce

Belanda Fish **

Price from RM 22 – RM 65 depending on fish used

Cooked with tamarind juice resulting in a sweet & sour dish

Ikan Tiga Rasa

Price from RM 22 – RM 65 depending on fish used

3 flavor fried fish with sourish, sweet and savory taste

Cincaru Sumbat

RM 13.50 each

Hardtail fish stuffed with grated coconut and spices

Ikan Bakar

Price from RM 8.00 onwards

Bbq fish served with tamarind sauce

Otak – otak

RM 8.00 each

Steamed parcels or ground up fish meat mixed with spice and wrapped in banana leaves

** Set (Individual) RM 18.50 served with vegetables using tenggiri fish

Pineapple Prawns Curry

RM 22.00

Rich & fragrant curry with sweetness that comes from the pineapple

Petai Prawns Sambal

RM 22.00

Stir fry prawns with bitter beans in sambal sauce

Assam Heh

RM 28.00

Fried prawns that have been marinated with tamarind juice

Sambal Serai Prawn

RM 22.00

Prawn cooked in coconut milk, lemongrass & spices


Brinjal Sambal

RM 12.00

Eggplant stir-fried with chilli sauce

Lady Finger’s Heh Be

RM 12.00

Lady fingers are boiled, then covered with a mixture of dried prawns, shallots & chillies

Stir Fry Vege

RM 12.00

Stir fry with garlic or sambal belacan

4 Angle Beans with Sotong

RM 22.00

sweet and spicy sotong on top of 4 angle beans

Brinjal Belanda

RM 18.00

Fried eggplant served with sambal cooked in coconut milk

Kerabu Mangga

RM 12.00

Mango salad sour and spicy

Kerabu Bok Nee

RM 25.00

Wood ear fungus salad eaten with Kaduk leaves


RM 25.00

Blanched vegetables served with a peanut sauces dressing



RM 15.00

A truly Malaccan dish, eggs fried with small shrimps (krill) that have been fermented with rice & salt


RM 12.00

Fried eggs topped with a tangy sauce


RM 15.00

Minced chicken & vegetabls wrapped in eggs

Lemak Nenas Telor Masin

RM 18.00

Salted eggs cooked in a coconut milk and pineapple


Gula Melaka Crepe

RM 9.00

Filled with bananas, topped with the rich palm sugar from Melaka and finished with sprinkling of chopped chillies & ginger flower

Sago Gula Melaka

RM 7.50

A favourite Malaysian dessert that is served with cold palm sugar and coconut milk


RM 6.00

Iced sweet dessert with coconut milk and palm sugar

Kuih Muih

From RM 1.00

Kuih Ketayap, Cucur Udang, Cekodok, Karipap, etc


Iced Lemon Tea

RM 4.50

Iced Peach Tea

RM 4.50


RM 3.50


RM 3.50

100 Plus

RM 3.50

White Coffee (hot)

RM 3.50

Milo (hot)

RM 3.50

Teh Tarik (hot)

RM 3.00

Pu Er Tea

RM 2.00/pax

Iced Water

RM 1.00

Warm Water

RM 0.50

Ginger Lemon

RM 5.50/pot

Lime & Mint

RM 5.50


RM 5.50


RM 5.50


RM 3.00

Fruit Juice Without Sugar

RM 8.00

Cincau + Longan Grass Jelly Drink

RM 4.50

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